How to Solve Gmail’s Password and Sync Related Issues Swiftly

Today we recognize Gmail as the synonyms of the term “email’, perhaps for the simple reason- it is unique and agile in all aspects. Gmail is by far the most advanced version of the email today. From basic layout to features, Gmail always strives to offers an unprecedented experience to its users across various functionality aspects. With the vast majority of user base its disposal, it certainly leads the way in the email business today. However, there are times when Gmail’s user overwhelmed by the different type of issues on their email account.

Nonetheless, if want to suppress email quirks with authenticity, call Gmail Customer Support expert right now.

1. Password recovery issue

Forgetting the email password is one the most obvious reason when user loss access to their Gmail account. Fortunately, Google offers various tools to recover the password. In order to retrieve your account quickly, go to the sign in page and click “Lost password” option. Now that particular link will direct you to the account verification process to ensure that you’re legitimate users. Here you need to enter the Gmail email address and click Next.

Thereafter, proceed further in the process by answering the security questions. If prompted, enter the previous password. You will get a code via SMS or app depending upon the type of verification you choose earlier when you set up your account. Now clicking the link will lead to the password recovery page, where you can create the new password.

2. Sync issues

Gmail can fail to sync for several reasons. Failure to sync can lead to severe problem like sending error, email receiving issues, and lot more. Try out the following step to get things back up and running.

Update the Gmail app

There is no doubt that the outdated version of the app can create such kind of trouble. So make sure to update the application as it may suppress the issue in no time and get your Gmail account rolling again.

Restart your device

Indeed it’s a cliché, yet it work number of times like a charm. Try it right away; hopefully, it will work for you. It is by far the most convenient option to fix the issue.

Verify your connectivity

Yes, it sounds plain, but it can help to avoid a lot of unnecessary troubleshooting. If network connectivity is intact then make sure that Airplane mode is inactive.

Go through Gmail settings

Probably, this is the last way to escape from this sort of trouble. Explore the settings of the device and tap on the account to check “Sync Gmail”. Clear the app data to proceed further. Now restart the device and sign in again.

The lineup of methods that we have mentioned above is quite capable to subdue the sync issue. If you have any queries regarding the aforementioned issues, feel free to contact the professional of Contact Gmail Support. 

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